Mixmag premieres Sansibar – “White Swan” (Natural 026)

Helsinki’s Sansibarlands on Naturalsciences with the ecstatic electro of ‘White Swan’ – Out March 1

Red Bull Choice Mix : Zernell

Zernell’s going full throttle for Red Bull Radio’s Choice Mix

Cables, Wires and Keys: Morphology talk on Hyponik

The Finnish duo discuss their process and the ten year anniversary.

04.01.2019 Zernell plays alongside Danny Krivit for Motown On Mondays

Get ready…. Motown On Mondays LA is turning 7 Years old!
Join this momentous occasion with special guests, the legendary DANNY KRIVIT (‘King Of The Disco-Edit’) direct from NYC, plus LA/Chicago heavy hitter ZERNELL (Grimy/Crate Diggers)

Mesak XMAS LIVE dates alongside Atom TM and Ben Klock

21.12 – Roots United Night x Blank – St.Petersburg
22.12 – System 108 x Roots United – Moscow


08.12.2018 Mono Junk Live at Berghain / Panorama Bar


Mono Junk is back again at mighty Berghain. Catchj his Live set alongside a more than a special quality line up.

New Podcast by Thee J Johanz (Ballyhoo Records / Irdial Discs )

Dutch master Thee J Johanz puts out a podcast for the lovely curators at Phonographe Corp Paris. Interview with Mesak

Check the Feature by 716lavie + new live recording by the finnish master Mesak at the DISTILLERY/Leipzig 2018.

Diggin Is Fundamental: An Interview with Zernell Gillie

Zernell in conversation with Reverb LP on the essence of record digging and the 10 essential records everyone should own.

Mono Junk interviewed for Jaeger Oslo


“Kimmo has been making music as Mono Junk since the ninety nineties. In 1990 he released his first record, and two years later he established Dum records with the same solitary attitude to making music. He’s been an enduring figure, not only in Finland, but everywhere in the furtive margins of Techno and Electro for the past thirty years and has continually staked his claim throughout his career.”

RA review about MUGAKO festival last week with Morphology


Real passion is if you play twice !

“The Finnish electro duo Morphology, who stayed so long at the festival they ended up playing again, replacing Mick Harris on Saturday, were raucous by comparison, lashing out dynamic electro while headbanging like young rockers.” RA

11.10.2018 Morphology on the superb Mugaku Festival in Spain



Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 18.40.18



Portable aka Bodycode is starting up a new label Khoikhoi Records and releasing an EP in November



“Alan Abrahams, who also performs as Bodycode, will release Believing to kick off the new imprint, which the South African artist says is named after his ancestors.

“The name comes from the first tribe who lived in pre-colonial South Africa, where [Portable] comes from, and roughly translate into ‘the first men.'” ” RA

Ransome Note interviews Mesak and premiers his new EP

Ransome Note invited Mesak to talk through the basis of the EP explaining the process by which the tracks came to exist.

27.09.2018 Mesak Live on the On Board Music label Party at About Blank / Berlin


Catch Mesak This weekend in Berlin 27.09. and Leipzig on the 28.9. at Distillery Club.

26.09.2018 Tune in on Rinse France: Portable invites Dexter ( Lux Fragil)

Dexter of Lux Fragil Lisboa.
Tune in.
4pm – 6pm (CET) on Rinse France


Check Grimy Edit´s Zernell on his monthly Radioshow on NTS

Head of Grimy Edits, Zernell Gillie’s style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house –
he heads up a 2 hour slot once a month from our LA studio.


Warm welcome to Zernell ( Grimy edits) from Chicago to the N_E roster.

Ohne Titel

We’re delighted to welcome the highly respected Chicago house connoisseur Zernell (Grimy Edits)
to our roster. Now taking on bookings for his upcoming European tour in November.

15.09.2018 Morphology is having his Live debut at Tresor Club


It took some time for the Finnish duo to finally have their live debut at Tresor Club, better dont miss this
match made in heaven.

Welcome Portable ( Dial / Perlon / !K7) in the N S Y D E Entertainment roster!

Ohne Titel

We are very delighted and honored to give a warm welcome to Paris based artist Portable aka Bodycode (DIAL RECORDS / Perlon / !K7) in our roster.

His new EP comes in November on his new founded label KhoiKhoi Records.

Check his monthly Radio Show on Rinse France!

08.09.2018 Morphology Live at Cultivated Electronics Label Night at C12 / Brussles


Cultivated Electronics is touring all over Europe with label nights and have invited Morphology for their night in Brussels new C12 Clubspace.

New album “Omaga LP” by Freund der Familie – OUT NOW!


Freund der Familie “Omega” album review in GROOVE-Magazin#174


OUT NOW! New DUM 040 by Morphology , Mono Junk and Goner

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 17.37.22

Kim Rapatti a.k.a Mono Junk presents the second volume of Finnish Electro All-Star on his DUM Records imprint.
The A-Side of Finnish Electro All-Star (DUM-040) features collaborations with top Finnish electro duo Morphology.
The B-Side features collaborations between Mono Junk and a very special guest: Goner a.k.a. Martin Maischen, who is known from many hot releases as the other half of German electro act Sandbenders.
Vinyl release date is 24 th of September.

15.08.2018 Invites Choice Podcast 502 by Mono Junk

New podcast with a superb masterful selection by the finnish Techno/ Electro originator on the
famous Invite‘s Choice Podcast series.

11.08.2018 Richard Zepezauer / RZ-1 is playing with the legendary intergalactic Sun Ra Arkestra

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 17.22.10

Richard Zepezauer / RZ-1 is sharing the spaceways with the intergalactic Sun Ra Arkestra under the leadership of Marshall Allen. Dont miss this Trip.

29.07.2018 Trevor Deep Jr. at Vallila Underground Movement ( VUM)



Trevor Deep Jr.  playing alongside Juju & Jordash, Lil´Tony and Emma Valtonen at VUM in Helsinki.

New Mesak EP Out now !

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 17.15.29

New Mesak is out now!  CHECK our favorit is Track #3 “E.B.T.” feat. Mono Junk.

19.07.2018 Matti Turunen of Morpholgy with Track on Sähkö Records


RA Review:
Various – E123 (Sähkö Records)

“The EP’s most recognizable name is Matti Turunen, who is also one half of Morphology. His “Travel Naskh” is icy electro with textures buffed to a polished gleam with an earthy bassline shading in some contrast.” Resident Advisor

04.07.2018 Present Perfect Festival announces full line up w/ Mesak & Morphology

36620576_1855174931455103_3835278247684210688_oBildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 16.48.13


The St.Petersburg based Present Perfect Festival have announced their excellent full line up.

including Mesak and Morphology.

28.06.2018 Tuskegee future plans include NY legend Reade Truth

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 16.22.48
Forbes feature about Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers label Tuskegee talking about future plans,

including Reade Truth.

09.06.2018 Mesak heading to Closer in Kiev / Ukraine








The Ukraine Club institution Closer in Kiev has invited Mesak for a Live performance alongiside

Vera, Yone-ko and Timur Basha.

31.05.2018 Richard Zepezauer at Club der Visionäre w/ Eli Verveine, Marc Schneider


Club der Visionäre invited Richard Zepezauer for the new Carte Blanche Night by Marc Schneider.
Eli Verveine and Kenneth Scott will be joining too for a sweaty family ride.

30.05.2018 Morpholgy live at the Primavera Festival Barcelona



The tesserae of the Mosaic parties on the Primavera Festival by Maceo Plex make as attractive a picture as a whole, as they do in the detail of each of their elements. Everything fits: from the IDM influences by Mariel Ito, to the electro of the DJ set by Danny Daze, passing through the stratospheric live acts of Carl Finlow, Egyptian Lover, Radioactive Man and Morphology LIVE.

30.05.2018 Richard Zepezauer plays Sun Ra Sessions as part of “Berlin – Detroit: One Circle Festival “




As part of the Detroit-Berlin: One Circle Festival at HAU Hebbel am Ufer theather  Richard Zepezauer, Mike Huckaby and Lakuti will perform The Sun Ra Sessions for the opening night of the Festival.

26.05.2018 Reade Truth releases debut album “Wires Everywhere” on Cartulis Music

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 12.11.39

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-11 um 12.12.31


New York native Reade Truth releases his long overdue first album on the London Cartulis Music label.

It was worth the waiting no doubt.

19.05.2018 Catch Trevor Deep Jr. at the ever vibin´ Heideglühen



Kaiku resident Trevor Deep Jr. comes over to Berlin again to bring deep finnish Housevibes

to one of Berlins best addresses for House Music, Heideglühen.

Line up:
Freer & Reiling // Pen & Paper
Linkwood // Firecracker
Oskar Offermann // White
Djebali //
S.A.M. // Delaphine
S.Moreira live // Slow Life
Trevor Deep Jr. // HPTY, n s y d e
Nekes // Oslo
Eva Be & Cle // LoYoTo
Marc Fm // Satisfaction
Woody // Heideglühen

Morphology sign to Steve Rutter´s FireScope for new album, Traveller



Birdies in the trees are hummin wild…

Finnish electro duo Morphology have signed their next full-length, Traveller, to Steven Rutter’s FireScope Records.

FireScope Records will release Traveller on June 4th, 2018.

08.05.2018 Juno recommends Reade Truths new EP “Love’s Secret Domain”

Juno Records recommends:
“Often overlooked or under-cited, NYC’s Reade Truth is as much a part of the vintage house and techno scene as other, more referenced, artists like Pal Joey or Adam X. In fact, even before his first EPs began to appear in the early 90s, this guy was blasting out tunes in raves all throughout the late 80s, and he clearly knows rave culture like few others.

Through labels like Sonic Groove he was able to build a name for himself, and in more recent years he’s appeared for others like Nsyde · music – a Juno favourite!

He’s now up on San Fran’s Warm Fiction, following up on Lerosa’s fine opener from last year, and “LSD” opens the festivities with a psychedelic shower of percussion and warm, luscious bass. “Unrave The Fragments” is a more minimal-minded techno tool, while “Love Is…” goes all industrial and dubby, leaving “In The Blood” to glitch its way across the groove. Big up, Truth!”

Thanks for the luv!

30.04.2018 Richard Zepezauer alongside Move D at House of Wax / Tresor


House of Wax is inviting for a special night during the transition from 30.4.-1.5,
the so called “day of work” in Germany.
Richard Zepezauer is taking over the decks after buddy Move D to make it House all night long.

13.4. Mono Junk Live at Fusion mes couilles / Nuits Fauves in Paris

29598284_1967000143616212_1444637010948967824_n 30531559_1969592523356974_624427587015278592_n

The always impressing Fusion mes Couilles collectiv invites Mono Junk to the new minimalist Parisian Club Nuits Couilles

07.04.2018 Mesak is performing at Tresor Club /w The Exaltics, John Heckle…



Mesak hails from the ground zero of modern Finnish electronic music, directly

into Berlins legendary Tresor Club for a long overdue Live performance.

Alongside The Exaltics and John Heckle this night is promising to be a top notch one.

07.04.2018 Richard Zepezauer at IIWII Club in Groningen



The exiting pop up Club IIWII located on the top floor of The Big Building in in Groningen invited Richard Zepezauer to the booth for a special night.


30.03.2018 Morphology Live in Barcelona at LAUT


On the 30.03. 2018 Morphology is playing live at the 5 years anniversary of Switch Pocket Club at LAUT in Barcelona





25.03.2018 Rising Sun is playing his Live debut at Berghain / Panorama Bar







New live set is ready and will be fired up on sunday at Panorama Bar.

Richard Zepezauer at the Sun Ra Tribute Sessions w/ Mike Huckaby, Jimi Tenor

SUN RA_Flyer5white

In 2011 Mike Huckaby & Richard Zepezauer started the legendary first Sun Ra Sessions to give a regular platform to spiritual and free form music as according to Sun Ra’s universal approach.
This night features a non formulistic shape of music, there are no borders to pass, there is no you or me. This night is dedicated to music which captures the energy of the moment, a sonic message from outta space.

So far a small carefully chosen number of artists took part on this night to pay tribute to the musical genius and philosophy of Sun Ra and sessions took place all over the world from New York to Paris.

This time we are very happy to travel these spaceways with the fine companionship of Finland´s music legend that is Jimi Tenor.

Rising Sun´s new release on Freund der Familie Label is out now – check!

“Dreamy dub techno and slamming house/techno from Sven Weisemann and Steffen Laschinsky (Rising Sun). Skip to Garage (Dub) for a bass-heavy old school UKG anthem! ( Phonica Review)

Trevor Deep Jr. announcing the next HPTY release..

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-04 um 18.22.10

“Finally we can announce HPTY010. “Between Us & Them” is a compilation celebrating our journey in the record industry. We wanted to display some fresh local vibes and energy from the cool cats resonating near us in one way or another. // Double Vinyl available FEB 2018.” ( TDJ)


Mono Junk Charts for Clone Records in Rotterdam


Mesak at SOLA Festival in Helsinki


Ulysses pres. Morphology LIVE at Dora Brilliant


XLR8R premiers new Track by S-Max

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-04 um 17.33.58

N_E & Friends showcase w/ Dopplereffekt, Mono Junk , Morphology etc.

Flyeralarm a2.inddWe are happy to announce very special showcases by n s y d e entertainment & Discos Atónicos.

On Floor 1 N_E has put together an uncompromising night full of futuristic yet timeless music with some of the most outstanding and consitant artists of their genre.

Inimitable electro duo Dopplereffekt are one of the most mysterious, thrilling and consistently challenging entities in electronic music
Originated by Gerald Donald, one-half of Drexciya.
Dopplereffekt inhabit a unique contemporary sonic world, with a restless creativity and intense commitment to carving out their own musical space.

True underground Techno/Electro legend Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk is responsible for some of the earliest  techno productions ever emanating from Finland.
His label Dum Records together with Sähkö Recordings were the first techno labels hailing from Finland. He will tickle us with one of his rare DJ Sets. expect an extraordinary selection.

The electro duo Morphology is known for their extremely skillful, soulfully emotional melodies.
They combine elements of techno such as acid and vibrant drums to traditional electro in their own signature style. They reached the status of one of the leading Electro Live act who operates on the cutting edge of what true Electro Funk is today.
The night will be rounded by one of a kind DJ S-Max, one half of the ElectroFunk label Boogizm, and of course berlin´s n s y d e mastermind and initiator Richard Zepezauer.

Mono Junk & Apeiron Crew at Inkonst / Malmö


Check this video from Morphology Live in Moscow at Synthposium 2017


New podcast + interview by DUM Records boss Mono Junk for EPM Music

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 13.28.52

Freund Der Familie on the Woodfloor at Concrete Paris


Mono Junk Live in Rex Club Paris


Freund Der Familie at IPSE w/ Derrick May, Kenny Larkin …


Mesak Boiler Room x Present Perfect Festival Live Set

New tracks by Mesak on Dolly Records

Morphology Live at Concrete Paris


Video by Kevin Reynolds Live at Paxahau Detroit

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 13.32.59

Podcast & Interview with New York DJ legend Reade Truth on When We Dip

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 13.34.05

Trevor Deep Jr. headlining Tresor / Globus


Mono Junk at New Codes pres. Berlin Atonal


Mono Junks alltime Top 10 for Mixmag Russia

One of Detroit’s finest producers Kevin Reynolds at Detroit Movement Afterparty


Trevor Deep Jr. & Lil´Tony releasing “highy effectic House Bomb” ( Hardwax) on HPTY Recordings

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 13.34.54

Kevin Reynolds Live in Secret Location Detroit / w Jay Daniel


Freund der Familie at DISTILLERY Leipzig


Richard Zepezauer / RZ-1 playing on the sonic adventure 10 Years Workshop Records.


New release by Mono Junk on DUM records, 200 vinyl copies (DUM-038)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 13.35.38

Kevin Reynolds Live in Toronto 02.04.2017


Richard Zepezauer at Ekstrakt Zagreb 27.01.2017


Richard Zepezauer at Berghain/ Panoramabar 21.01.2017

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-30 um 22.48.38

Mono Junk featured on GROOVE-Magazin’s new CD


01.01. Richard Zepezauer back in Paris for NYE


01.01. Freund der Familie back @ PAL in Hamburg


01.01.2017 Mono Junk LIVE & Trevor Deep Jr. on NYE at Ääniwalli in Helsinki








03.12. Mono Junk Live at Berghain / Panorama Bar

“Der Finne Kim Rapatti war Anfang der 90er Jahre mit seinen Platten als Mono Junk und Melody Boy 2000 einer der wegweisenden Produzenten eisigen Minimal Technos. Seine Tracks wie „Monotonous Fantastique“ oder das kürzlich wiederveröffentlichte „Beyond The Darkness“ waren stilbildend für nachkommende Generationen, dem Lauf der Zeit haben die Releases erstaunlich gut standgehalten. Dass sich Rapatti nicht auf einstige Pioniertaten ausgeruht, sondern in den vergangen Jahren so unberechenbare wie befreiende Techno-Jams auf Rat Life, Skudge und seinem eigenen Label DUM Records veröffentlicht hat, spricht für ihn. Heute Nacht live im Berghain zusammen mit einem Top-Techno-DJ-Programm, das mit u.a. Daniel Avery, Matrixxman, Radio Slave und den Zenker Brothers keine Wünsche offen lassen dürfte. In der Panorama Bar spielen u.a. das britische Deephouse-Duo Giles Smith und James Priestly alias secretsundaze, die vor 15 Jahren mit ihrer gleichnamigen Londoner Sonntagmittagsveranstaltung einen neuen Standard in Sachen Tagsüber-Clubbing setzen konnte.”


25.11. Trevor Deep Jr. making his Tresor Club debut in Berlin


19.11. Kevin Reynolds at TV Lounge Detroit


New Release /// Trevor Deep Jr. – Like Heaven Ep. (HPTY008)

Soon in records stores and boutiques near you. Includes Soulfull dub treatment “Cosmos Dub” latent/earlymorning jammer “Prince Of Helsinki” . Heavenly title track featured by Detroit´s own Niko Marks on vocals and Sven Weisemann´s remix straight from the garden of eden.


Kevin Reynolds new 12″ on Yoruba Records

Juno´s review for Kevin Reynolds new 12″ on Yoruba Records:

“Detroit’s Kevin Reynolds made a name for himself through Berlin’s Nsyde imprint with the all-conquering Liasions 12″ from 2011 which still sounds 100% fresh five years on! We are glad to see Reynolds back on wax and this 12” for Osunlade’s Yoruba Records comes as a mooted taster for his debut LP! Four tracks deep, Fembehyaget is just what we needed for this late-summer heat wave. “Dodging The Clip” is a bouncy, driving house chugger with a deep, dubby and almost Flo Po feel, but the title track “Fembehyaget” is much more in line with Osunlade’s usual bag of Afro-tribal tricks. On the B-side, “Travelled” sees a mid-tempo 4/4 beat engulfed by a sea of gorgeous synth sequencing, while “Vibe Samba” goes deep, minimal and explorative thanks to a glitchy drum sequence and sporadic layers of bass swarming the place. Recommended.”


22.10. Richard Zepezauer at Our Hobby Is Different w/ Prosumer, Elbee Bad etc.


16.10. Richard Zepezauer at Tresor Club w/ Fred P , DJ Qu etc.


03.09. Mono Junk LIVE DEBUT at legendary Rex Club in Paris


20.08. Trevor Deep Jr. in Berlin sharing the bill with Delano Smith, Jus Ed, Mr.Ties etc.


19.08. Mono Junk LIVE at Culture Box for the Skudge Records night!


30.07. Trevor Deep Jr. playing at their residency at Kaiku w/ House Master Kerri Chandler


30.07. RZ-1 aka Richard Zepezauer at Tresor Birthday!

Tresor/Globus is getting fried heavily!

In the kitchen:
Dj Fettburger__Luca Lozano__RZ-1__Carlos Valdez

happy birthday Tresor!13700993_1571342396505026_6085872570618708010_o


Mono Junk Live Debut at CONCRETE Paris 07.06.2016

The finish Techno pioneer is making his Live debut on the lovely Concrete Boat in Paris


NSYDE Little Takeover At Panorama Bar – 21.05.2016

Trevor Deep Jr. and Richard Zepezauer spreading some luv behind the decks at Panorama Bar
From 9:30 – 17:30


Berghain Event link

Richard Zepezauer at CONCRETE Paris

He will be entering the new build lovely Woodfloor from 1-5
Event link

23.01. Richard Zepezauer at Panorama Bar / Berghain Berlin

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-22 um 15.51.28

This Saturday n s y d e label monk Richard Zepezauer is playing at Panorama Bar Berlin.
The playtime is announced on the Berghain Webpage and will be from 4.00am – 8.00am

Trevor Deep Jr.´s label HPTY releases new EP by Lil´Tony

“The hiatus is over, Helsinki nightlife legend Lil´ Tony returns to the headlights of electronic music with simplicity of Complex sounds.”

“It was random beautiful tuesday what made this release possible. We are so proud about the production Lil´Tony made for this Ep. There´s more recent production and some of the material is recorded years ago, but the soundscapes and rhythms are current as ever, timeless and transcends all the energy you can possibly imagine.”

VINYL will be out in Dec/Jan. Customized and
LIMITED (500copies).
Support vinyl!

28.11. Mono Junk live at Berghain/ Panorama Bar



The french Input Selector interviewed TDJ

Kevin Reynolds Live @ DJOON Paris

10. November Kevin Reynolds will play live on the Yoruba Records Label Night




RA Reviews: Trevor Deep Jr – TDJ on HPTY (Album)


“Amazing debut album. Huge tip!”