Trevor Deep Jr

Although he has now been making absorbing, captivating house sounds for five years, still no one knows who Trevor Deep Jr. really is.

But that doesn’t matter, because what we do know is that the Finnish DJ and producer has a knack for effortless mood and groove that evades most of his peers. Be it a slow jam full of soul, a perfectly dubbed out roller or a genuine piece of jazz, his output on labels like Delsin, n y s d e and his own HPTY Recordings is as varied as it is vital.

All this comes as a result of years of soaking up a diverse array of influences from vinyl, from his father’s jazz collection and from watching that same man play Rhodes keys as he grew up. It lends his music a very authentic sense of personality and a truly musical undertone that manages to hypnotise listeners at every turn. Often with a dusty, age-worn analogue aesthetic—thanks to his carefully curated collection of studio gear—the music Trevor makes bares the subtle hallmarks of Chicago and Detroit whilst also coming imbued with a sense of moody sonic landscaping picked up from his natural surroundings in Helsinki.

As a DJ, Trevor is just as able to speak to people through his records as he is his studio machines. He has long held a residency at Helsinki’s finest club, Kaiku (which is run by the finnish house institution Lil’ Tony) and manages to make every set a unique proposition.

Weaving his way through everything from cinematic house to vocal cuts via funk, soul and hip hop everywhere from Panoramabar to Watergate to Flow Festival, he is never one to play it safe.

A certain analogue warmth and insular moodiness characterises all his work, not least his magical debut album TDJ, which was a very personal trip through the musical mind of one of Finland’s finest contemporary talents. His motto is “House Music Every Day, All Day,” and when it is that special brand of TDJ house, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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