DJ, Producer, co-founder of the Boogizm label and the legendary Superbleep-dj-team / club nights together with Losoul during the 90s.

When it comes to hidden diamonds of the Techno & House history the now Berlin based Manfred Koridass aka S-max is surely one of the mysterious and unique DJ/ producer characters who cant be put into any of the music industry´s readymade patterns.

During the early 90ies Koridass started his Superbleep club nights in Wiesbaden and gained first respect for his unique mixing style from diverse guest-djs at those parties, including Daniel Bell, Matthew Herbert, DJ Traxx, Boo Williams, Roman Fluegel, Ricardo Villalobos, ZIP, and many other internationally acclaimed artists.

His Dj sets are nurturing a wide range of styles from real House music and Electrofunk to Disco and Techno. He creates a unique Funk on the floor – all mixed to generate a genuine flow of groove and funkiness – jackin’ it thoroughly!

S-max released on high prolific labels like Telegraph, Below and was one of the very few to release on Daniel Bell´s legendary 7th city Label (“Seismic Stealth Smurfz EP“).

S-max releases are sought after gems which nowadays reach highest prices by collectors.

In 2016  the Music Mag XLR8R featured  Koridass work as DJ, Producer and Label owner and called him „ A colorful character and master of quirky productions, he has somehow managed to maintain a relatively low profile—a well-kept secret, for those in the know.  and „ a master of electrofunk“.

( https://www.xlr8r.com/features/2016/02/get-familiar-s-max/)

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