Richard Zepezauer

No Matter if for the dancefloor or in the studio, electronic music has been about leaving the impossible behind and make new things possible. Exploring unheard fields of sound in order to offer new perspectives.
That´s how Richard likes it.
Richard worked for the influential Scape label before he founded his own record label n s y d e  in 2011. 
He felt the need to build a platform against the backdrop of the fading idealism in the electronic music to fortify pure and unadulterated music and art against commerce in the club culture.
in 2011 he also put on the unique contemporary events that were his Sun Ra Special Session Nights together with Detroit Maestro Mike Huckaby. The exclusiv list of contributors of these nights, like Pole, Jimi Tenor, Thomas Fehlmann all share a very personal connection to the legacy of this outstanding composer and bandleader.
In 2018 the Sun Ra sessions have been the opening night of the of the Berlin – Detroit One Circle Festival which carried illustrious guests like Mike Banks, Mark Ernestus, Juan Atkins or Dimitri Hegemann.
In his Clubsets  richard is known for artfully merging genres and feelings with ease and finesse. He flips places like Berghain/Panorama Bar or Concrete Paris, from pumping sweatboxes into impressivly emotive chambers of sound. His musical range from raw to deep & soulful House and Techno helps to keep  the dancers on the floor being lifted higher and higher.

He also crossed over into art projects where he redifines the work of a traditional DJ. Richard has worked with the Berlin Academy of Arts under as RZ-1 on a classical opera project Wagner 2013. Further classical music projects together with the prominent 20th century classical ensemble, Dresden Ensemble Courage, Ensemble Adapter finds Richard continually playing with context, texture and tonal values in pioneering ways in order to enter new formats and perspectives for performing as DJ.

All this should give you an impression of Richard Zepezauer’s approach to life and to music: that truly sets him apart at the same time as earning him the respect of the most clued-up people in the Music scene.

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