Richard Zepezauer

Electronic Music always been about imagining the future, exploring new fields of sound and structures and offering new perspectives for the listener.
Richard Zepezauer is one of those characters who is keeping that spirit alive.

Richard has been involved in countless classy projects, chief amongst them is his n s y d e label, an uncompromising platform for timeless music free from genre constraint. Every release and project on the label has brought a new edge to the table, releasing some extraordinarily memorable tracks along the way.
The labels catalog – thouroughly curated by Richard – is a family runion of all electronic dance music tribes. From New York House stompers to dubbed out Detroit Techno, subtle Electronica and direct raw DJ Tools the label brings together open minded artists and always gets the best from them. As such, n s y d e grew from an insider tip to a firm favourite with DJs, and got featured soon in Groove Magazin.

As well as running the label, Richard, has worked for the influential Scape label and put on the the unique contemporary events that were his Sun Ra Special Tribute Nights with Detroit DJ legend Mike Huckaby.
On these events the free sonic universe of Sun Ra is connected with the present tribes of free thinking electronic music.

Richard can effortlessly go from classical to techno to house via acid, noise and plenty more besides. He flips places like Berghain/Panorama Bar or Concrete Paris, from pumping sweatboxes into impressivly emotive chambers of sound.

From this position he has crossed over into art projects where he redifines the work of a traditional DJ. Richard has worked with the Berlin Academy of Arts under as RZ-1 on a classical opera project Wagner 2013, which saw him reinterpret and remix the tonal vibes and musical impressions of Wagner with a minimalistic set up using 3 turntables and a classic digital delay. Further classical music projects ensued and saw him perform the in music history often interpretaded mythical greek theme of the Orpheus together with the prominent 20th century classical ensemble, Dresden Ensemble Courage. He has also worked with Berlin Ensemble Adapter and this continually finds Richard playing with context, texture, unusual sounds and tonal values in pioneering ways in order to enter new formats and perspectives for performing as DJ.

All this should give you an impression of Richard Zepezauer’s approach to life and to music: that truly sets him apart at the same time as earning him the respect of the most clued-up people in the Music scene.

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